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Healthy Family Drinking Water: #JoinTheHealthyFamilyMovement

By mommyroxi.com | Posted: 2015-08-10 00:00:00
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You know how there are so many great choices for us nowadays? You have BPA-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, organic, and pesticide-free products in the market. As much as possible, I choose the best option, even if it means shelling out a couple more pesos. I’m very specific with what I buy and give to my family, especially if it’s something that they will eat or drink. That is not debatable for me. While their dad may be okay with buying food in the wet market as snacks (he likes fried squid so much, it kills me!), I honestly will never give my kids anything off the streets if I have a choice. Now before you go all “Oh my gosh, you’re so maarte!” on me, this is coming from experience. I loved street food when I was little. I was not deprived of enjoying anything out there. So I ate fish balls and squid balls after classes when I was in middle school. Eventually, I got Typhoid Fever. Maybe I was just the unlucky customer that day, or maybe people didn’t know better back then that you should not double dip (EVER!). But whatever it was, I learned to only trust food that is coming from clean and reputable establishments. Same goes with brands for me.

When it comes to drinking water, we have a home or personal filtering system installed so we can ‘make’ our own drinking water from tap. My Mom, 2 years ago, decided to get one because she was scared that the water we were ordering from a nearby refilling station was not very clean. I thought she was crazy to even think that because the refilling station said they have a “21 filtering system” at their store. At that time, I trusted them because so far, I’ve been doing okay with their water supply. It was only recently that I realized maybe my Mom could be right. I was invited to #JoinTheHealthyMovement by Manila Water Total Solutions last Friday where they launched pure and sure, Healthy Family Drinking Water.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 customers in Metro Manila do not drink tap water? Well, I’m part of the majority mainly because I don’t necessarily know if the pipes leading to our home or wherever is in tip-top shape. Manila Waters may be doing their part in making sure that water coming from them is drinkable, but it’s the after-the-meter reticulation systems that can make that clean drinkable water questionable. Also, if you’re like me, I’m picky with my water. I have a specific brand of bottled water that I like to buy whenever I don’t bring my own. I don’t like the taste of deep well or spring water for some reason.

Others may have a taste preference with water too. While this is not a problem for me when it comes to water from refilling stations, it’s the sanitary condition that concerns me. I never thought about anything of it before, but some refilling stations are not very clean in a sense that water is everywhere, literally. On the counters and floor too. I guess cleaning those reusable plastic containers with high pressured water can be messy. Then maybe sometimes they overflow when they are refilling the containers, hence the absolute mess on the floor and counter tops. Turns out, these businesses providing us drinking water are unregulated, some are even unprofessional (wearing sandos & slippers) when delivering your water and more often than not, you don’t get them on time. Amirite?

This is where Healthy Family comes in to fulfill our unmet needs: peace of mind and quality assurance when it comes to the drinking water of the family.

Healthy FamilyDrinking Water goes through a fully-automated purification process where there is NO HUMAN CONTACT, therefore, NO CHANCE OF RE-CONTAMINATION. It is quality assured by the DOH and FDA. Every day, water samples are analyzed by their full-time in-house microbiologist, making sure that every water they send out is clean and healthy. Each bottle goes through rigorous inspection and quality control.

Healthy Family uses a safe one-time use cap. You get high quality water at a competitively low price. For only Php 40.00, you get 19 liters of Healthy Family drinking water.

I think the going rate for water nowadays is Php 25.00 for a 5 gallon container from a refilling station. I’d be definitely fine with paying a little extra for peace of mind, are you? To date, Healthy Family is catering to the East Zone where they started with their first plant in Taguig. I asked how about for us folks living up north, when do we get Healthy Family?

Well, there aren’t any Healthy Family partners in our area yet, but should anyone decide to start a franchise, water will be coming from their Quezon City plant, so it’s possible. I am actually interested since we closed down our store already (no one to man it). I think it’s a perfect investment for me since I can run the business without a store-front per se. I can handle the orders and delegate to my own delivery boy (who will be trained by Manila Water Total Solutions themselves!). I’m still praying for it and if God willing, we’ll get a franchise so people in our community can have DOH and FDA approved clean drinking water.

Mommy bloggers that day had soooo much questions! I don’t think Ms. Sharon got to eat well during lunch! We were all interested in becoming Healthy Family partners. If you want to start serving quality assured drinking water to your family, you can check if your area is being catered by a Healthy Family partner by checking their Official Facebook Page. There is a list of partners per area posted on their timeline.

(Photo grabbed from my friend, Glaiza of Moomy Musings) From left to right: Glaiza Tominio, Kaye Figuracion, ME, Kassy of Manila Water Total Solutions, Rikka Redrico and Denise Rayala.

#JoinTheHealtyFamilyMovement with us Healthy Family moms now! #ILoveMyFamily

Monday, August 10, 2015