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Clean water, healthy families

By Deedee M. Siytangco (Manila Bulletin) | Posted: 2015-09-20 00:00:00
Source: www.mb.com.ph/clean-water-healthy-families
Water officials with Bulong Pulungan core members. From left: Beth Tagle, Charo Yu, Joy Fong, Robert Baffrey of Healthy Family, Jullie Yap Daza, Sharon Marcial of Healthy Family, Jeric Sevilla of Manila Water, the author, and Ducky Paredes.

Angel Thoughts
“Letting go means leaving space for something better!” Anonymous

“Candid in Beijing” a photo exhibit by my colleague, Jullie Yap Daza, will open on Tuesday at the LRI Plaza on Nicanor Garcia street in Bel Air, Makati. Her subjects: Ping-pong, People, Parks , and Peaches. This talent  is a new  revelation for Jullie’s many fans who will soon be watching a film, Etiquette for Mistresses, based on her bestselling book.

Now, I have had this compulsion to look for  clean drinking water for my households here in Manila and in Tagaytay ever since I checked our water bottles from our refilling station. I used purifiers attached to my taps before but my old supplier closed down.

Horrors! The cap of the bottle I checked in my kitchen, still unopened, was  cracked! The blue plastic bottle itself was scratched which kept me to wonder how long this particular bottle had been recycled. Later during the week, we had as guests, Robert Baffrey of Manila Water’s subsidiary company, Manila Water Total Solutions with its product  Healthy Family (Purified Water) There were several eye-opening revelations on the water refilling industry.

Healthy Family is a newcomer to the booming business of clean bottled water for homes or offices but already it has several plus factors going for it. Like the company never uses the same cap for its bottles. You always get a new cap for each bottle you buy! Their purified drinking water is guaranteed to have been bottled without human hands (and therefore free of any possible contamination). The plastic light blue bottles have also gone through sterilization processes and cleaned without using detergent (as most refilling stations do). They use their bottle 50 times only, according to Baffrey, in order to preserve its integrity.

It helps that the mother company, Manila Water, represented at the forum by Jeric Sevilla, VP for corporate communications, is  known all over Southeast Asia, not only here in the country for being a water expert firm.

The Healthy Family water bottles are not available in supermarkets or stores but only from their distributors. They have their own trike-delivery identifiable vehicles, too, and at present the company is open for those who want to distribute their product. The price is competitive, too.  Me? I am changing my source of water immediately.

Now to cultural matters: Philippine Ballet Theatre (PBT) will mark the first time a ballet company performs on stage with opera stars alongside finalists from highly acclaimed The Voice Philippines. Intriguing concept!  This will be Dancing in One Voice at the CCP for a two night run on Sept. 26 and 27.

PBT’s cofounder Julie Borromeo notes that this will be “the first time that our ballet company is collaborating with opera stars and the voice stars in a concert style production. Approaching our 30th year, we have a lot to celebrate—and to reflect on. PBT is excited to spread its wings as it glides to the horizon of its future, and wants to bring the PBT family together in the process,” Borromeo says.

“Moreover we want to get back to our roots of our original goal which was to widen the appreciation of our ballet art form while keeping it entertaining, meaningful, and relevant to our lives. Art after all—in all its forms—is truly a reflection of who we are and how we view ourselves. With this reminder, our board of trustees and directors do everything possible to keep opportunity open to our youth passionate and motivated to excel along this career path.” says Sylvia Lichuaco-De Leon, PBT’s president.

Dancing in One Voice was conceptualized by Borromeo and Timmy Pavino, pop balladeer, former finalist of The Voice Philippines, and a rising star himself. Lisa Kircher Lumbao, PBT’s vice president adds, “I love the idea of having finalists from The Voice Philippines performing onstage with our dancers. This should be fun!”

And for those who have children and teens who love comics, there is a seminar with cartoonist and writer Manix Abrera on Sept. 26 , from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Canadian American School in Alphaland  in Makati.

Sunday, September 20, 2015
Deedee M. Siytangco (Manila Bulletin)